I Niki Shala, a UX/UI Designer that loves to code. For the last 23 years, I’ve been based in Helsinki, Finland.


A UX/UI Designer is a centered-user designer that is focused on the user experience.

"Technology may change rapidly, but people change slowly. The principals [of design] come from the understanding of people." - Donald A. Norman

Empathy and me :

I believe that you either are an empath or you are not. There is no in-between. Empathy in User Experience Design is very important. No wonder we are also called advocates for users/clients.

Innovation and me :

There is a solution for every problem, therefore problems exist and we UX designers love to jump into them. During my freelance career, my motto was "The bigger the problem the cheaper I charge you and your company for solving t!"

Engineering and design :

I work to seamlessly combine technology and user experience. As a web designer, I combine technology and creativity.

Technology and simplicity :

A technological revolution should not be equated with complications. I develop intuitive, self-explanatory software.

Honesty and responsibility :

As a web designer, I don't want to know everything. But what I know I know well and use it to build trust through honesty and quality. I will find the answer no matter what it takes.

What is it like to work with me?

I like to spend time figuring out why you need something before you tell me what you need. By combining nearly 5+ years of UX design experience and 10+ years of UI experience, as well as technological know-how and quality standards, this real interest can help to create a more comprehensive solution. A product that is integrated into your organization and its aims can be perceived as different. Users adore this product, which is the consequence of your vision. Before we rebuild or design a service/product for your client, I'll make sure I've been in their "shoe" more than 1000 times. After all, remember that a UX designer's duty is to advocate for users?

Web designer, Developer :

I'm a professional web designer who is looking for further opportunities. I don't rely just on my expertise. The only way to achieve effective conceptualization, which I then translate into the activating design, is to do it in this manner. I combine technology with creativity as a web designer. In terms of design, I'm a big fan of minimalism and simplicity.

 Education:      Bachelor of Business Information Technology
UX / UI Design and digital solutions -
                         Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences
                         Helsinki - Finland

Finnish Business College 
                            Business and Administration - Marketing -
                         Event Management 
                         Helsinki Finland

 IT Skills:             HTML, CSS, Java, jQuery, Figma, Sketch Adobe XD, 
                            InVision, Sketch, Framer, Webflow

 Languages : English, Finnish, Croatian, Albanian, Spanish  

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